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The Makers Empire advantage

Makers Empire is the world's easiest to use 3D printing software and learning program developed specifically for primary and middle schools.

We help teachers engage students in STEAM topics and become confident teachers of 3D design and printing technology - all while achieving real learning outcomes. Students enjoy learning through inspired curriculum-aligned lesson plans.

At Makers Empire we're helping today's students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

Made for teachers

In the 1980s, students who studied computing had a huge advantage over their peers in terms of future tertiary education and career prospects.

Today, while 3D printing reshapes whole industries and our children grow up on touch screen interfaces, the need for a workforce comfortable with these technologies is growing at an accelerating pace.

This is where Makers Empire comes in.

Our learning program is designed to introduce primary and middle school teachers and students to the wonders and possibilities of 3D design and printing.

Makers Empire overview for schools

Makers Empire link for iOS app

Makers Empire link for Android app

Makers Empire link for Windows, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop

Makers Empire 3D design and printing Learning Program

Students can start designing in mere seconds with Makers Empire 3D design software – no CAD or IT skills required.

Makers Empire curriculum-aligned lesson plans address key points in standards based learning which include: planning projects, employing technologies, executing design tasks, sharing, examining, and reviewing work.

We provide comprehensive teacher training and support. There is also a teachers’ portal to manage students’ work.

Lighthouse Schools

To ensure our 3D design and printing learning program provides effective and consistent learning outcomes for primary, elementary and middle school students, Makers Empire works with a number of schools we call ‘Lighthouse Schools.’

Our Lighthouse Schools have all purchased the Makers Empire 3D design and printing learning program for their students; however, unlike regular customers, our Lighthouse Schools receive advance access to new app, module and lesson plan updates and provide Makers Empire with detailed, constructive feedback on usage, reliability, effectiveness, and learning outcomes. Feedback is assessed and measured by our developers, designers and programmers who then make improvements before deploying the final product to the general public.


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