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For years, it has been largely accepted that video games are simply a bit of fun, and, for the most part, have no real educational value.

However, according to Dr. Sandra Schamroth Abrams, assistant professor of adolescent education at St. John's Univeristy in New York, video games are far more educational than we might think.

"Games really serve as a springboard for interests in other areas. There's this one student that I've written about who is a big history buff," said Abrams in a phone interview. "He became very interested in history by playing the Battlefield games, and he then from there went on to listen to military-based podcasts, history-based podcasts, watched the Discovery channel, he took out all sorts of books and then he wrote his own fictitious story about what the world would be like after an apocalyptic type of situation. So he layered his literacy's because he was interested in this one particular topic and he became interested in it because he was playing these particular video games.


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