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Create YOUR OWN games

with YOUR OWN questions!

The Teacher Gaming Network (TGN) is the largest online gaming network for K-12 educators where YOU control all of the game content. TGN is an online source where teachers can create their own games, with their own content, while utilizing various question formats and game styles. TGN has five different question formats, including: True/False, Matching, Multiple Choice, List, and Short Answer/Fill In. Each question format has at least one corresponding game style.

TRC Game Information
  PGF FREE Plus Classroom Plus School Plus District
Cost Free $79.95/yr $799.95/yr $599.95/yr per site (min. 4)
Create unlimited games
Enter unlimited questions
Share questions & games w/educators
Access questions from other educators
Student data tracking  
Unlimited teachers at one site    
Game type (click below to see example) Use of 2 games Use of 7 games Use of 7 games Use of 7 games
Case Chase (True/False)
Cash Drop (Multiple Choice)
Top of the Class (Short Answer)  
Elevator Madness (Matching)  
Classroom Feud (List)  
Wheel of Fame (Short Answer)  
Crazy Cash Taxi (Multiple Choice) - coming soon  
Garfield's G-Cubed (Multiple Choice Tic-Tac-Toe) $19.95 annual fee $19.95 annual fee $19.95 annual fee $19.95 annual fee


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